Back-to-School Ribbon Bows

What better way to celebrate our kiddos' first days in school than with a special mama-made hair bow? Katelyn Boehm made this super cute crayon and pencil hair bows and shared them in our patterns group last week. She agreed to make the pencil bow tutorial for our blog today and I'm so excited to get started!  Here's Katelyn! 
Step 1: Gather your supplies:
-2 inch grosgrain ribbon cut to 30 inches (I like my bows BIG, if you want something a little smaller, you can substitute 1.5 inches)
-3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon in BLACK and YELLOW (for pencil bow) and SILVER (for pencil trim)
-7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon in PINK (for pencil eraser), FLESH/PEACH (for pencil tip)
-Thread or elastic thread
-Hair clip
-Glue gun and hot glue
-Fray check or a lighter
Step 2: Using the 2" ribbon we will create a pinwheel style bow. There are lots of great tutorials out there that will explain it in detail if you do not know how to make one. Trim your tails to approximately 4" in length on each end.
Step 3: Cut approximately a 2" piece of silver ribbon, pink ribbon, peach ribbon, and a small piece of a black piece of ribbon. Set aside.
Step 4: We will now cut our ribbon tails into shapes resembling a pencil. Starting with the tail pointing UP, cut 2 curves along the upper edges of the pencil tail; it should now look like an eraser. Then cut the other tail at an angle on each side so it will resemble the tip of a pencil point.
Step 5: Now we will hot glue our pink ribbon piece to form the eraser. Once attached, follow the curve of the tail for it to resemble the eraser. You may also now glue on your silver ribbon to finish the eraser.

Step 6: Now onto the pencil tip! Glue the peach-colored ribbon approximately ½ inch from the top. Next, glue the black ribbon over the tip. Trim the excess ribbon following the shape of the pencil.

Step 7: Heat seal or fray check BOTH tails on the raw edges.
Step 8: Finish the center of the bow and attach your clip and you are done! Grab your little one and send her off to school in style!

Thank you so much for your tutorial, Katelyn!

Aren't these adorable?!  And they look like they shouldn't take too long to make. Just a little bit of mama love. I can't wait to make one for my daughter's first day of school!  Maybe even one of each if she is in the mood for pigtails.