People's emotions towards Christmas stem from their hard work over the past year. After printing and decorating Christmas ribbons, Christmas trees and lanterns, the festive atmosphere is more intense and emotional comfort is more in place. With so many Christmas decorations, the need to print Christmas ribbons is unavoidable, so what raw materials can be used to make these ribbons before printing?

Ribbon Material

1. Polyester Ribbon
Ribbons made of polyester material are introduced as Christmas Day decorative ribbon printing. It is a popular choice among manufacturers and buyers and can be processed through a variety of printing processes.

2) PP Polypropylene Ribbon
Compared to ribbons made of nylon, PP polypropylene ribbons need to be dyed with yarn before weaving, so that there will not be uneven coloring of the cut side, and the color effect is better, but not suitable for ink printing, thermal transfer, etc. Printing process requirements.

3. Cotton Ribbons
The price of cotton ribbon material is one of the higher prices among ribbon ribbon materials. Therefore, when cotton ribbon is used as a substrate for printing Christmas decoration ribbons, manufacturers have high sales costs and no price advantage.

4. Nylon Ribbons
Nylon ribbon is used to print Christmas decorations. In the production process, it is woven before it is dyed, so after cutting the ribbon with a knife, you can see the uneven dyeing on the cut side, but it does not affect the printing effect on the surface of the finished product.

5. Burlap Ribbon
Now on the market, burlap ribbon is the most popular in Christmas decoration, people always use it to make Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, Christmas gifts and so on.

Polyester, nylon, PP polypropylene, cotton, etc. are the most common materials for printing Christmas ribbons. In addition, Tedlon, acrylic, spandex, silk, rayon, etc. are also used as raw materials for making ribbons.