Let's face it, it may be challenging to know how to respond to someone who is struggling. We discover that just delivering a kind and upbeat gift box might provide some support and solace in these trying times. Continue reading to learn about some of our favorite curated gift boxes to give to someone who might need a little cheering up, including some from our new Fall collection and some of our tried and true favorites.

Better Days Ahead is the first gift. 
The ideal way to inspire someone in need of a reminder that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well through trying times or periods of change is to send our unique "Better Days Ahead" customized gift box. This carefully designed gift box is ideal for any of life's many moments when our day improves somewhat when we know someone cares. It is filled with feel-good goods, including a ceramic mug, handmade fruit and oolong tea, a refreshing mint sachet, a "thinking of you" candle, and more.

Second gift: "TAKE GOOD CARE" 
This carefully designed gift box is the ideal reminder for your recipient to take some time for themselves. It is filled to the brim with comforting items, including a calming lavender and eucalyptus bath soak, artisan jasmine tea served in a ceramic mug, soft socks, a sorrow diary, and more. Not to mention, its gender-neutral text and subtle color scheme will convey your sympathies in a respectful but personal manner, especially to your business connections.

3rd gift: "Thoughts and Prayers" 
Our iconic "Thoughts & Prayers" gift box was specifically created for those occasions when you want to express your love and support but are unsure of how to do so. This gift box will undoubtedly be appreciated and used because it contains high-end, carefully chosen items that promote relaxation and self-care, such as an oakmoss & fig soy candle, gourmet jasmine green tea, revitalizing eucalyptus and mint bath bombs, a 5-minute journal, a calming sleep pillow spray, and much more. We are also happy to give a portion of the sales from this gift box to Modern Widows Club, a 501(c)(3) organization that helps widowed women of all ages, races, religions, and beliefs learn to embrace life and build resilience through advocacy, awareness, and mentoring.

Even when they are for the best, breakups and failures are the worst. Sending our carefully designed "Good Things are Coming" encouragement gift box will help your recipient remember that they have a lot to look forward to. They'll find a variety of feel-good necessities in this colorful gift box, including hydrogel eye pads for a spa-inspired pick-me-up, rosé gummies to savor, a calming bath soak to decompress, mindfulness cards for healing, and more. It's the ideal technique to hasten someone you care about's recovery!

5th gift: "GET WELL SOON" 
With our brand-new "Get Well Soon" gift box, you may make their day more cheerful and assist them in their healing process. It's the finest way to convey your best wishes for a swift return to normal since it is brimming with thoughtful content for rest, healing, and health. The soft blanket and socks, homemade milk and honey candle, elderberry tea and honey sticks, and small batch chicken soup mix, among other things, set a wonderful mood for wellness and unexpectedly brightened their day.

Good Vibes Your Way, Gift #6 
Our iconic "Good Vibes Your Way" curated gift box, which is inspired by lemons, is the ideal way to encourage someone who needs to be reminded that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well through trying times or periods of change. Perfect for sending condolence gifts, retirements, and farewells, breakups and divorce, job loss, or any of life's many events when knowing someone cares makes our day just a little bit better.

Seventh gift: "Thinking About You." 
Send them a gift package with a variety of luxurious spa products for some much-needed self-care to let them know you're thinking of them (think a nourishing coconut chamomile vanilla milk soak, rose water, to name a few) Home decor that is peaceful (including a well-liked hand-poured fig-scented soy candle) and even some sweets (the tastiest gourmet organic cardamom crisp cookies) are included. Instead of sending flowers, you might want to think about using this more sophisticated way to show your concern.

The 8th gift is a "DAY BRIGHTENER." 
Our trademark "Day Brightener" handpicked gift box is sure to brighten people's days with its cheery design and high-end self-care items. When your recipient uses an adult coloring book and compliment gel pens to express their creativity, re-energizes with an energy drink and a stress ball (in the shape of a rainbow! ), and then finds peace with a set of mindfulness cards and an aromatic marigold fig candle, their stress will melt away.

We hope that knowing more about some of our carefully picked gift boxes, which aim to provide a little pleasure, comfort, and healing amid life's ups and downs, was interesting. Do you need extra motivation? Visit our selection of ready-to-ship gift boxes for all occasions, such as gifts for self-care, sympathy & thinking-of-you, gifts for him, gifts for her, and much more.