With the holidays quickly approaching, I would assume that every single one of you has all of your gifts chosen for everyone and placed under the tree properly wrapped, just like me. If you're anything like me, you'll agree that this time of year appears to be one of the busiest due to all the celebrations, family get-togethers, and customs that fill the calendar. Not that I would want anything different.


The thought of looking online for some wrap-spiration is thus the last thing on your mind (get it, wrapping-inspiration). And although I don't personally advocate hand-stamped 50 yards of paper being used to wrap each and every one of your gifts, I do like it when someone goes a little bit above the norm and adds a little bit of care and uniqueness to their gift wrapping. And all of the individuals, gifts, and concepts listed here have done just that. Despite the fact that some of them are pretty simple, we like them all and wish we had the chance to try them all this year. Instead, we made the decision to compile a few of our favorites under a few different headings. Each one provides a link to a tutorial or article that details the source, how to put it all together, and a shoppable item to help you achieve the look. Friends, happy Friday.