Steps 1: Fold Felts.

1.1 Cut out three strips of felt measuring 19 centimeter (7.5 in), 20 centimeter (7.9 in) and 21 centimeter (8.3 in). fold both ends of a felt to the middle line and glue them.


1.2 Repeat to glue another two felts.


1.3. Lay the longest felt at the bottom and the second longest one on it at an angle.


1.4. Overlap the remaining felt atop at a different angle and glue them together.


Step 2. Stick Headband.

2.1 Tie the center of irregular bow with a metal chain and secure with hot melt glue.


2.2 Glue the irregular bow to the headband in place with a woven label at back covering the headband.