True, it's what's on the inside of the package that counts, but that doesn't mean the outside can't be just as great! Check out this surprisingly easy Packing Bow tutorial and step up your gift wrap game.



Prep your ribbon by measuring the height from the base of one end, the length across the top, and the height from the top to the base of the opposite end. You'll need 5-6 total lengths to tie the bow around the package.



Find the middle of the ribbon by bringing the two ends together and dividing in half. Place the middle of the ribbon over the center of the package. Be sure the middle of the ribbon stays in the center of the gift as you proceed to the next step.


Fold the ribbon around the edges and bring together at the center of the back side of the package, twist.


Bring the ribbon up and around the edges to the front of the package. Tie the ribbon in a knot under the initial vertical placed ribbon.


Tie a knot around the vertical ribbon.


Take the two loose ends and tie in a bow by first bringing up one end in a loop, pinch at the base, and bring the other ribbon around, under, and through the loop. Pull taut.


Take some time to fluff up and perfect overall look of the bow, you may need to adjust the loops by tugging on the tails. If you really want to get fancy, clip the tails by folding them in half and trimming at at upward angle.